Technical Data - Masonry Blocks

ABMCO Blocks are Approved by Dubai Municipality & confirm with the requirements of BS 6073.

Mixing Formula:

Concrete Mix

Percent by weight
Portland cement
Crushed stone

ABMCO blocks confirm with the requirements of BS 6073 and Local order No 44:1990 of Dubai Municipality Specifications
ABMCO blocks have an average maximum drying shrinkage complying with BS 6073 Typically 0.05%
-Aggregate is obtained locally and regular inspections are made at the quarry.
-All deliveries to the sites are examined for grading and cleanliness, and selected to meet standard requirements and occasionally are supported by test reports .
-All cement used is manufactured locally and supplied in bulk pressure carriers.
-Test certificates are obtained regularly and confirm compliance with BS 12 or BSS 4027, depending on type.
-Salt contents are contained within the limits normally recommended as good practice for producing structural concrete. These are taken to be So3 - 4.0% and Nacl - 0.5% of the cement content.


Storing raw materials
The main raw materials used to produce CMUs are cement, sand, and aggregate. These are normally delivered to the concrete products plant by truck . Cement is pneumatically transferred to the storage silos equipped with dust collectors. When the sand and aggregates arrive they are normally stockpiled in the yard, then transferred as needed to storage bins. The method of transferring materials from stockpiles to bins is with a front-end loader.

Aggregates used to produce normal weight concrete products include sand gravel, and crushed stone. The sand and gravel may be natural or produced by crushing at the aggregate source.

Batching and mixing
The raw materials in the storage bins and silos are transported to a weighing or batching system, as needed. Raw materials for each batch are weighed to ensure batch consistency.

The mixer is an oversized cylinder turned on its side, with mixing blades attached to a horizontal shaft extending into and through the drum. The inside of the mixer drum is lined with replaceable, hardened steel liners.

Raw materials are fed into the mixer at the top. Materials are dry mixed in the mixer for several minutes. Water is then added to the dry mix using an electronic water meter to assure consistency. Since CMUs are generally molded using zero slump concrete, only a relatively small amount of water is added to each batch.

After some mixing, the consistency is automatically checked and if needed, additional water is added. The batch is then mixed for five to eight minutes. Once mixed, the concrete is dumped from the bottom of the mixer.


After a concrete batch is mixed, it is transferred to the concrete products machine, where it is fed into a mould. Moulds consist of a mould frame and replaceable liners, cores and "shoes" that form the top surface of the masonry unit.

Once placed in the mould, the concrete is compacted and consolidated by a combination of pressure and controlled vibration. In our concrete products machines, the entire mould, the internal parts and the steel pallet forming the bottom of the products can be vibrated to maximize compaction, uniformity and strength. The mould is filled, compacted and stripped 6 to 11 times per minute.

Once a curing rack is filled with steel pallets ,the entire rack is transported to the curing environment. By using a fork lift truck to transport the products

A curing environment, ,referred to as curing chamber,operates at atmos -pheric pressure. Generally, the concrete products are held in the yard for 12 to 24 hours Concrete products are normally cured at a maximum temperature of 120° to 180° F (55° to 75° C). The entire curing process normally takes 24 hours, but could be shortened by adjusting the mix design and curing temperatures. Products generally achieve 90% of their ultimate strength when 2 to 4 days old.

Palletizing and storing
Cured concrete products are removed from the yards and moved to a process-ing area The units are then palletized and placed in storage.

ABMCO is one of the leading manufacturing companies in the field of producing Cement Blocks and insulated/light Weight Blocks.

ABMCO is also one of the leading manufacturing companies in the field of producing concrete,plaster ,or resin elements comprise a vast range for the realization vases, fountains, statues, columns, capitals, septic tanks, taps and other related products.

ABMCO is situated in 15000m2 of land, which help to keep more stocks at any point of time, this makes ABMCO capable of executing the block order immediately.



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